Reputation- Favorite Lyrics

As a T-Swizzle devotee, I've been waiting for this album for an era, my delicate heart couldn't handle it. So, I thought- wait I have a blog, and a capacity to English and so it goes. Warning: I've never done this before, So don't blame me if it reaches stratospheric levels of suckiness, I think as an end … Continue reading Reputation- Favorite Lyrics



....I don't have an explanation for the following post. I somehow found myself in the magical part of the interweb- the vortex of dog gifs and I realized that I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I had a blog devoid of doges. Oh and puns. I regret nothing.         … Continue reading Doggos.

I forgot how to blog.

Guess who's back, back again. BludgersAndBroomsticks's back. Tell a didn't even realize I was gone? never mind. Anyway, I'm indeed back from the dead, Taylor-esque style. Anyway I haven't died yet, well internally I did. But happened. **excerpt from old, decaying post which I didn't publish cause I'm a lowly, unworthy procrastinator** So I'm … Continue reading I forgot how to blog.

100 Followers+The Blue Sky Tag

So apparently I have a hundred followers (unless WordPress failed math and meant to say 001 instead). I somehow single-handedly tricked over a hundred of you into thinking I am somewhat capable of write gudding. YOu’VE been FOolED SoN. Anyway thank you, humans/bots/people who accidentally followed me. As a token of my appreciation I shall […]