This is absurd, does WordPress really think it can compress an entire being’s personality into this puny ‘About me’ section. Also how is this reliable? I can say I’m a social butterfly when I really am a socially inept person who occasionally doesn’t recognize the sun or that I read all the hp books when I only watched the movies (let lightning strike this person…unless the person can’t read, in which case let thy be educated). Also maybe the about me doesn’t refer to about ‘me’ but about this box in which case half of humanity is self-centered, stealing the spotlight from this perfectly fine box.
Well my point is I AM THE MOCKINGJAY. I refuse to take part in the futile tradition, instead I shall dedicate my last few words (in the About Me section, not my life) to this box.
oh box, if I replace your x with an s and then rearrange your letters- I will get a sob but don’t sob because I sorta like u. (warning: this rambling is not a one time thing, if you plan on wandering this blog, I suggest you are fully equipped for survival)


10 thoughts on “About

  1. wormalblog says:

    Now I feel bad, I haven’t read the Harry Potter books (and to be completely honest w you, haven’t even watched all the movies)(and to be even more honest w you, I’ve been to Harry Potter World at Universal a couple times and pretended to be in on it because wizards are cool)(shit). Sos. Many apologies.

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