April Wrap-Up!

It's May apparently, I'm not sure how. Days don't exist anymore and time feels like the dot in Jeremy Bearimy (watch The Good Place for further enquiries) BOOKS: Okay, you might want to be sitting down now because......I read 12 books?? (my coping mechanism is reading fluffy YA contemporaries and it shows) (this is never … Continue reading April Wrap-Up!


My Favorite Blog Moments Tag! (basically realizing I’m a trash blogger)

Beck tagged me in this! (thank you for single-handedly keeping my blog alive). The original tag was for 2019 blog moments but uhh my 2019 posts were shit, you'd think my older posts would suck more but somehow like un-refrigerated milk I get worse with age. RULES: All the answers must be about your blog posts Please … Continue reading My Favorite Blog Moments Tag! (basically realizing I’m a trash blogger)

Who Am I? Tag

Many many many many you probably thought I was done but I'm not many many months ago Nikita from Prose & Pancakes tagged me in this (thank you so much for tagging me, sorry it took so long) but it's finally here! 1. If your life were a book genre, what would it be? Is … Continue reading Who Am I? Tag

November Wrap-Up!

In this house we write monthly wrap-up posts 10 days late!!! But we make up for our lack of punctuality by also lacking in content quality yayyy. Yup I've once again read a very meager amount of books this post is truly going to be a train-wreck-dumpster-fire. BOOKS (obviously not including my textbooks because no … Continue reading November Wrap-Up!