Things I Don’t Understand About Book Blogging

Hello there, I’ve had a blog for more than 5 years and I consider myself a book blogger despite having exactly 41 posts of which 7 are book reviews or bookish related posts, I go by Bludgersandbroomsticks but you can also call me Failure.


Um what fam, what even are these? I’ve seen so many posts saying something about book memes and I just nod and pretend I’m a Veteran Blogger™. I think they’re something like a tag but why not just say book tags then?? is there’s some secret Illuminati book blog cult I’m not invited to? probably.

My most educated guess would be actual memes but related to books, like maybe area 51 is just Narnia?



aes? oc? tl;df? wtf. I have figured out some of the full forms using my big brain, over 3000 IQ for example, I know dnf is do not feed and wip is write in peace.



Although I imagine books sleeping in tour buses, jamming out on stage and then crowd surfing through an audience, I’m pretty sure that’s wrong…I think. But how do people have access to book tours and author interviews. I’ve never even met an author. Okay that’s not true, a man once walked up to me in the library and shoved a pamphlet of the first chapter of his book in my face (it was about a guy wanting to assassinate a president and there were (many) mentions of peeing, I don’t remember, it was not good, but I told him it was and proceeded to look for an actual good book)



This one is more of a general blogging thing, but web hosting and domain and plugins is harder than rocket science. Is there a ‘Blogging for Dummies’ book that everybody on this platform got that I missed out on? I’m an engineering student and it took me more than a few months to figure out how to make blog pages, and I still can’t find out how to make a contact me page, my future is looking very dim.



How do people read 312412 books in one month while working 5 jobs, being a student, taking care of 6 kids and still consistently upload good content on time? Do all these people secretly have time turners or TARDISes?



10 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand About Book Blogging

  1. amanda says:

    lmaooo I love this
    regarding the book tours I requested an ARC and then a day later the publisher reached out to me to ask if I wanted to do a book tour. I had NEVER heard of them before but i was like uhhh okay cool. it really does make me think of a bunch of books on a bus tho 😭

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