Reviewing (read: fangirling over) 3 Emma Mills Books

*Pulls out loudspeaker* *puts batteries in loudspeaker* WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT THE HUMAN FORM OF A PINK STARBURST THAT IS EMMA MILLS.

okay I’m done.

Foolish Hearts

Foolish Hearts

This book somehow weaseled it’s way into my cold, dark heart and is staying there possibly forever because I think it’s suddenly one of my favourite YA contemporaries of all time??

Claudia eavesdrops on the it couple breaking up and she pulls one of these: I had the faucet on,” I say. “Really loud. And I pee pretty loud. I’m surprised you guys didn’t hear me, it was like Niagara Falls in here. Just really … very loud in volume. A lot of … liquids … flowing in a … noisy fashion.

My thoughts are a mess so I’m going to structure them into bullet points to fool (pun intended) you into thinking they’re comprehensible:

  • Enemies to friends-who-fangirls-about-boybands is my new favourite trope.
  • I briefly considered suing Emma Mills for ripping off my personality because- loves boy bands, MMORPG and afraid of being regular? Uh yes it me. Where do I find a Gideon now? (but I think maybe anyone would relate even if the only game you played is flappy bird because Emma Mills somehow captured the whole High School Experience™ in a very real, organic, fluffy but non-cliche way)
  • Iris is a cactus and I love her.
  • ACTUALLY SUPER HILARIOUS. I LOL-ED IRL, WWHTI? (*who would have thunk it?)
  • Wholesome friendship and siblingship
  • In conclusion, love Claudia, I love Iris, I love Gideon, yes I will proceed to list every character mentioned in the book because wow the character development was so chef’s kiss.

Every books has its flaws….except this one it was literally perfect. Luxury. Affordable. Industry standard.

I will now proceed to read every book, short story, essay, grocery list written by Emma Mills because damn she can write- her dialogue  f   l   o   w  s

5 out of 5 stars

And proceed I did, because shortly after writing that mess of words I read “This Adventure Ends”

This Adventure Ends

This Adventure Ends

Oops she did it again, she played with my heart, I love all these characters and would kill for them.

  • The swirly-swishy cover
  • Just  wholesome FRIENDSHIPS with witty banter in general
  • Dad who reads werewolf fanfics (been there done that, the fanfic part not the parenting) (lowkey felt bad for every bad review I wrote after that one scene. Might have been a ploy to ensure Emma Mills only gets good reviews, definitely worked tho)
  • Pigeons party and hot pockets.
  • “One of them says what they need to say, and the other one just listens, absorbs, acknowledges it. Lets their sadness have a place to land.” YES THIS.
  • Making lame jokes to avoid difficult emotions (hahaha ouch a direct attack)

I definitely loved this book, but Foolish Hearts is still my MVP because it felt like there were way too many things going on (quest for painting, parent’s fighting, father’s writers block, Gabe’s relationship issues (?), the twins’s grief, Rory and Aubrey’s break up). Also, I genuinely thought the book was going to take the “Father realizes it’s not okay to write a book based on her daughter’s life if she’s not 1000% A-OKAY with it” because why would you do something your daughter is not comfortable with??? (also because I read The Truth Commission and have been scarred)

4 out of 5 stars

First & Then

First & Then

(aka the third Emma Mills book I read till 5 am. My sleep schedule is wack.)

  • “So what are you good at?”
    “I don’t know. Nothing, really.”
  • okay Devon was a judgmental biotch in the first half the book but then character growth kicked in thank god (I know it’s a Pride and Prejudice thing ok but she was still annoying)
  • Silent but NON-MOODY guys (pls witness this very rare phenomenon)
  • Cas is a certified dumbass.
  • Literally who are Marabelle and Emir and where did they come from and why?
  • SO??MUCH??FOOTBALL?? (but also randomly some Jane Austen too?)

This was my least favourite Emma Mills book but it was still cute because it’s an Emma Mills book.

3 out of 5 stars

After a “thorough” “analysis” of these Emma Mills book I found some patterns:

  • slow burn
  • Cute af lesbian side couple (also Emma Mills, you coward, give us an LGBT+ protagonist)
  • a TION cameo
  • Relatable MC with a hobby (Claudia- gaming, Sloane- singing, Devon- idk reading?)
  • Cute af family relationship (Claudia+siblings, Sloane+dad, Devon+Foster)
  • JOKES.

(I counted and I wrote “emma” 11 times, have I not heard of pronouns?)

(So I realized how empty my book reviews page looks, here’s a link if you want to witness it with your own eyes, idk why I’m so bad at reviews I just am but pls send recs for books that don’t start with ‘s’ so I can fill it up a little, so long and thanks for all the fish)


16 thoughts on “Reviewing (read: fangirling over) 3 Emma Mills Books

  1. Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

    Books that don’t start with S… hmmmmmmm… 1) Waste of Space (I just finished reading it and I’m still desperately in love with it 2) American Royals (if you haven’t already) 3) Yes No Maybe So (only Becky Albertafjkvhfbuygshjikn book I’ll ever read and I will say it was amazing) 4) My Lady Jane (retelling of Edward’s reign over England with shapeshifters and stuff) 5) Far from the Tree


    I hope your April is gREAT!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ju The Dodo says:

    Oooh the covers are so PRETTY! I love YA, but contemporaries are not my type. Like every time I console myself and tell that the next will be better, but it just doesn’t reach my expectations. 😂 Definitely going to try foolish hearts, cuz I feel it’s going to be great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • bludgersandbroomsticks says:

      YES! I love the cohesive covers (I wish I had the physical copy so I could admire it on my bookshelf). I totally get it! I usually don’t read too many contemporaries but 2020 is so sucky and I need the fluff to get me through haha


  3. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    hahah I loved reading all your thoughts and I have been meaning to read Emma Mills books for ages now but I still haven’t. I have been promised cute friendships and romances so I’m excited. I loved hearing all your thoughts and I love the way you set them out, so fun !!! I had heard Foolish Hearts is one of the best so very excited. Also for Famous in a Small Town as the main character is called Sophie 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ReadyouLeyre says:

    I am going through this exact situation RIGHT NOW!!!1 I read This Adventure Ends on March and was like, HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT EMMA MILLS WAS THIS GODESS??? And so I read Foolish Hearts and, I FELL IN LOVE. I totally agree with you. IRIS IS ICONIC, Claudia was one of the best MC and GIDEON OMGJAKHAJDAKJDADIADBAS
    And now I’m reading Famous in a Small Town on May because I need more from this author and her amazing stories

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ngoc says:

    I am GOING to read an Emma Mills book before this year ends I SWEAR! It’s so funny bc I’d never heard of her before I started blogging but I feel like EVERYONE in the book blog community has read her books & adores them? And they sound like they’d be right up my alley SO WHY HAVEN’T I READ A SINGLE BOOK BY HER YET 🤦🏻‍♀️ Someone needs to slap some sense into me, honestly 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Ngoc says:

        HAHAHAHA I love this, you’re like “if you hate her we might not be friends anymore BUT IT’S FINE IT’S FINE DW AT ALL” 😂 I actually own Foolish Hearts & I’m planning to read it ASAP – as soon as I finish my book club read for this month, I’m gonna bite the bullet & go for it! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical says:

    Okay, but I love how we kind of reviewed/discovered Emma Mills around the same time, I reviewed all her books recently too. They are just SO! CUTE! and made me beam all through, basically. Foolish Hearts is 10000% one of my all time favorite novels, but the rest were solid too. (Also, yes, the enemies to friends dynamic Claudia and Iris had? Yes, please, I want more of that!) I completely agree with you on First & Then, it just wasn’t very good, I also rated it 3 stars. I really-really loved Ezra and Foster – like, if I were to make a favorite characters list for the year, they may make it – but Devon was eh, her development was VERY SLOW and I was bored of her, haha. It felt like she had no personality, to be honest. And yes, finally someone said it!! Marabelle and Emir… WHY. Emir was random as hell, but Marabelle gave me the chills. When she was first introduced and she was grabbing her breasts?? In front of effectively strangers?? Why?? It was just so… weird. Her whole persona was. Great post!

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