April Wrap-Up!

It's May apparently, I'm not sure how. Days don't exist anymore and time feels like the dot in Jeremy Bearimy (watch The Good Place for further enquiries) BOOKS: Okay, you might want to be sitting down now because......I read 12 books?? (my coping mechanism is reading fluffy YA contemporaries and it shows) (this is never … Continue reading April Wrap-Up!


November Wrap-Up!

In this house we write monthly wrap-up posts 10 days late!!! But we make up for our lack of punctuality by also lacking in content quality yayyy. Yup I've once again read a very meager amount of books this post is truly going to be a train-wreck-dumpster-fire. BOOKS (obviously not including my textbooks because no … Continue reading November Wrap-Up!

October Wrap-up!

Yes, I've changed monthly favorites to wrap-ups because I actually read more than 0 books the past month and wanted to brag about my remarkable reading speed. It's remarkable. All the other book bloggers who read 420 books in a month are shaking. BOOKS 1) Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman I read this the … Continue reading October Wrap-up!

August Favorites

Caveat: This post has been inspired by a deep deep deep love of basic af 2015 beauty/lifestyle YouTubers but will probably not feature beautyish things mainly because I wash my face once a week.  Anyway, just wanted to inform you that you are witnessing my dream of becoming THAT hoe come true. BOOKS (ok so … Continue reading August Favorites