Me and Music Tag!

  Hello and welcome to yet another edition of me-posting-tags-since-I-have-no-original ideas-anymore-but-it's-even-worse-because-I-wasn't-even-tagged. I'm sure I would be ashamed if I even felt feelings anymore hahaha. It's okay, EVERYTHING IS FINE. Thank you Sophie for creating this tag and the beautiful graphics (LOOK AT THEM!). This entire post is basically exposing my basic af music taste but … Continue reading Me and Music Tag!


April Wrap-Up!

It's May apparently, I'm not sure how. Days don't exist anymore and time feels like the dot in Jeremy Bearimy (watch The Good Place for further enquiries) BOOKS: Okay, you might want to be sitting down now because......I read 12 books?? (my coping mechanism is reading fluffy YA contemporaries and it shows) (this is never … Continue reading April Wrap-Up!

My Favorite Blog Moments Tag! (basically realizing I’m a trash blogger)

Beck tagged me in this! (thank you for single-handedly keeping my blog alive). The original tag was for 2019 blog moments but uhh my 2019 posts were shit, you'd think my older posts would suck more but somehow like un-refrigerated milk I get worse with age. RULES: All the answers must be about your blog posts Please … Continue reading My Favorite Blog Moments Tag! (basically realizing I’m a trash blogger)

October Wrap-up!

Yes, I've changed monthly favorites to wrap-ups because I actually read more than 0 books the past month and wanted to brag about my remarkable reading speed. It's remarkable. All the other book bloggers who read 420 books in a month are shaking. BOOKS 1) Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman I read this the … Continue reading October Wrap-up!

August Favorites

Caveat: This post has been inspired by a deep deep deep love of basic af 2015 beauty/lifestyle YouTubers but will probably not feature beautyish things mainly because I wash my face once a week.  Anyway, just wanted to inform you that you are witnessing my dream of becoming THAT hoe come true. BOOKS (ok so … Continue reading August Favorites