Mid-Year Freak Out Tag!

I've been gone so long the block editor is not the default anymore and my inner boomer is not happy (How? does? one? align? pictures? prettily??) I read 48 out of 70 books so far, which if you do the math means I'm 4 books ahead of schedule and 69% (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) done. … Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Tag!


July Wrap-Up!

I'm back!........did anyone even realize I was gone? (probably not) But it's a new month now! yaayyyyy ( --> totally not fake enthusiasm) I also think it's a different season? it rained a couple of times but that could also be a result of global warming. Isn't 2020 just swell? So, my college started online … Continue reading July Wrap-Up!

Me and Music Tag!

  Hello and welcome to yet another edition of me-posting-tags-since-I-have-no-original ideas-anymore-but-it's-even-worse-because-I-wasn't-even-tagged. I'm sure I would be ashamed if I even felt feelings anymore hahaha. It's okay, EVERYTHING IS FINE. Thank you Sophie for creating this tag and the beautiful graphics (LOOK AT THEM!). This entire post is basically exposing my basic af music taste but … Continue reading Me and Music Tag!

May Wrap-Up!

Maybe one day I'll learn to write an actual intro that makes sense and is not just a mediocre pun. Edit: Before I continue with more unimportant stuff, I'm sure all of you heard about George Floyd and the injustice the black community has been facing for decades now so this might seem redundant but … Continue reading May Wrap-Up!

April Wrap-Up!

It's May apparently, I'm not sure how. Days don't exist anymore and time feels like the dot in Jeremy Bearimy (watch The Good Place for further enquiries) BOOKS: Okay, you might want to be sitting down now because......I read 12 books?? (my coping mechanism is reading fluffy YA contemporaries and it shows) (this is never … Continue reading April Wrap-Up!