3 Oscar Movie Review

I'll be honest, I've never watched the Oscars completely or partially or at all really. The only parts I vividly remember is the JLaw tripping Disney princess style and Ansel Elgort's angelic face. But my hopes for Oscars 2018 were already less than average considering Boss Baby was nominated. Why. Just, why. So I was … Continue reading 3 Oscar Movie Review


The Obligatory New Year’s Post

Yes, it's been 2 weeks into the new year and I've already broken my new year's resolution. I hope your first of January was awesome because mine certainly wasn't, 5 hours into the new year and I was already ejecting the contents of my stomach out. And no it wasn't the aftermath of "SHOTS SHOTS … Continue reading The Obligatory New Year’s Post


....I don't have an explanation for the following post. I somehow found myself in the magical part of the interweb- the vortex of dog gifs and I realized that I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I had a blog devoid of doges. Oh and puns. I regret nothing.         … Continue reading Doggos.