My Favorite Blog Moments Tag! (basically realizing I’m a trash blogger)

Beck tagged me in this! (thank you for single-handedly keeping my blog alive). The original tag was for 2019 blog moments but uhh my 2019 posts were shit, you’d think my older posts would suck more but somehow like un-refrigerated milk I get worse with age.


  1. All the answers must be about your blog posts
  2. Please link me back as the original creator of the tag so I can see all your posts! (I think it’s Laura)
  3. You don’t have to provide just one post for each question, you can provide as many as you want so long as they were written in 2019
  4. If you haven’t written a post that matches one of the questions, choose one that relates to it as close as possible
  5. Tag 5+ bloggers so they can share their accomplishments too! And make sure you read the posts they share!


What’s your favorite book review?

Purely from a statistic pov, Queen of Nothing Review got the most likes, and I do this weird dumb thing where I base my self-worth on how well a post does, concerning? yup. I’m trying this new thing called not-doing-that so I’m going with A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness Review for sentimental reasons, I was a 16 year old foetus then (I turned into a 20 year old grandma this month), it was my first book post and it was less of a review and more of “this book made me cry, you need to read it and cry too” situation (who are we kidding that’s still my reviewing style)

read book

What’s your favorite discussion post?

….omg did I ever do a discussion post? Okay I went through the archives (I have exactly 67 posts who am I fooling) and this is the closest thing I can find- Things I Don’t Understand About Book Blogging. This is also my second most liked post, me being a dumdum apparently gets likes


What’s your favorite fun post?

Back in the ye old days I used to do a series-  Utterly Un-important Update and Utterly Un-important Update #2  (is it a series if I only did 2?) and On Talents, Tetris and TV Shows. Yes, alliterations are fun. I’m pretty sure I peaked at 16/17, I used mirth and turmoil in a sentence?? I say yeet un-ironically now.

What’s your favorite book recommendation post?

I apparently have only one book recommendation post, which I posted a month ago. I’m clearly not doing this book blogger thing right

How to survive quarantine (aka books+movie+tv show recs )

What’s your favorite book/bookish photo?

I? don’t ? have? one? My phone has the resolution of 4 pixels I’m sorry, here’s my favourite gif instead.

Horse GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

maybe she’s barn with it

What’s your absolute favorite blog post you wrote this year?

I surprisingly like doing tags and Wrap-up’s, it’s so much easier to answer questions than to manifest ideas from the ether onto a blank page

TTT: Book Titles with Numbers In Them

Have you reached any blogging achievements this year?

Oh in 2019 I hit 2 milestones that made me weirdly proud 7 Book Blogging Goals+ 50th Post! (my most liked post for some reason) and 300 followers! + Monday Colour Swatch: Green


(please just go with it I have bad cramps)


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Blog Moments Tag! (basically realizing I’m a trash blogger)

  1. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    Haha this is a fun post and “maybe she is barn with it” made me laugh out loud 😂😂
    I do that thing where my most liked post is my favourite too. It turns out self worth doesn’t rely so much on yourself 🙃🙃 (I must be doing it wrong 😉)
    I’ve hardly done any recommendations lists either 😂 I don’t know how to book blog !! 😂😂
    This was fun to read !!! 💛💛

    Liked by 1 person

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