The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black: Review

Disclaimer: I exiled myself from the internet to avoid spoilers (also as alliance to my homie Jude), I stg I waited over a year for this book if somebody ruined it for me I would cut a bitch with Nightfell. But since I don’t want to be the bitch who’s cut, all the spoilers are wayyyyy down below (p.s yes there’s going to be more obnoxious references because what else am I going to do with all this knowledge now)


Here’s a brief summary of the previous books for those who forgot:

“It’s just—you hated him,” Taryn says. “And then I found out he was under your control the whole time. So I thought maybe you still hated him. I mean—I guess it’s possible that you hate him now and that he hates you, too, but it’s confusing.”

That’s pretty much it. Thank you Taryn, now go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done the past 2 books you snake.

Some people would probably recommend not re-reading The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King before Queen of Nothing especially when you have exams the next day but priorities. It’s also completely worth whatever grade I get because this was such a !!!! book. I realize !!!! is not an adjective but I’m an emotional trainwreck right now, I’ve literally been counting down the days waiting for this book and now it’s here, and I read it and…what now?? how do I exist??


me @ every Jude/Cardan moment

As usual Holly Black continues to amaze, her writing makes me want to dab, there is no higher compliment I could give her.

I think what I love about this series is the moral-grayness of it all, pretty much everybody makes questionable decisions for questionable reasons, Madoc is a killer and thrives on violence but just like 13 year old’s relationship status on Facebook- it’s complicated, Cardan was a jerk and he still sorta is but we love him now, Locke will forever be scum though. Every character is just *chef’s kiss*

Spoiler-free quotes with no context:

  •  I try to crunch my celery more quietly
  • “Imagine if, in the mortal world, a lawyer passed the bar by killing another lawyer.”
  • “It really is a magical word: no. You say whatever bullshit you want and I just say no.”
  • “Greetings, Your Majesty, you betraying toad”

my only complaint would be that this book was slightly less…back-stabby then the others, I needed more pages, more trickery and definitely more Jude and Cardan but I don’t care because I love this series and these books are my children, hopefully I make a better parent than Madoc though.

@Holly Black please pull a Cassandra Clare and make 34+ more books until we all get sick of it (but I suppose if you’re the sickness you can’t also be the cure)

11/10 would recommend

SPOILERS// me screaming about everything and using a lot of exclamation marks

Who would have thought that the cover is the biggest spoiler of them all, the broken crown, the ice, the spilled blood literally everything but look how cute Cardan looks!

Also I love how literally anything can happen, oh you thought Locke was a formidable villain and is definitely going to cause a lot of chaos? WELL YA WRONG, HE DED AND ALSO WE STAN CANNIBALS NOW!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if Tatterfell was the High Queen of Faerie in an alternate ending.

Very spoiler-y quotes but still with no context:

  • “By you, I am forever undone.”
  • I am the Queen of Elfhame.
    Even though I am the queen in exile, I am still the queen.
    And that means Madoc isn’t just trying to take Cardan’s throne. He’s trying to take mine.
  • “We have lived in our armour for so long, you and I. And now I am not sure if either of us knows how to remove it.”
  • “I’ve spent much of my life guarding my heart. I guarded it so well that I could behave as though I didn’t have one at all. Even now, it is a shabby, worm-eaten, and scabrous thing. But it is yours.” (AND THEN THEN HE JUST WALKS AWAY AND BECOMES A SNAKE!!?! THE AUDACITY)

6 thoughts on “The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black: Review

  1. Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

    YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS THIS WAS FABULOUUUUUUUSSSSS! I HAVE MY REVIEW COMING>>> wait tomorrow?? SO I’LL ADD MORE OF MY SCREAMING TO THE INTERNET. (also that snowglobe Vivi gave Cardan? I really wanna do that one day. OOOh when my aunt or someone gets pregnant. *muahaha*) AnnnNnyway I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER??!!! (and yes, we stan cannibals. I never thought I’d see the day)


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