Stranger Things: Review

If you are the one person who hasn’t watched Stranger Things, you’re hiding better than Will in Upside down. Stranger Things is a perfect balance between humor and horror, it’s basically a mix of secret government experiments, the art of badassery practiced by Eleven  and Dungeons and Dragons, which I must admit I’ve never played. I know, feed me to the Demogorgon.

The show only has 8 episodes and I’m already regret binge watching it in 7 hours, now I must wait 6 months 1 day and 3 hours but who’s counting.

st 4

When Will Byers suddenly goes missing, the whole town of Hawkins, Indiana turns upside down (pun intended). As friends, family and local police search for answers behind his disappearance they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments and parallel realities. Things get even weirder when a psychokinetic buzz cut little girl comes into the story.

99 out of 100 times when a kid goes missing, he’s with a parent or relative. This is a story about the other time.

If you’re not convinced to watch this show yet, I present to you, Dustin.

st 3
“We never would’ve upset you if we knew you had superpowers.”

…I’ll see you in 7 hours.

CAUTION:  SPOILERS AHEAD. Avert thy innocent eyes.

Barb, The chill Queen, the only sensible teenager dies. Of course.


However, she gets reincarnated as Ethel Muggs in Riverdale, being a possible love interest for Cole Sprouse ain’t so bad #JusticeForBarbServed

Anyway the season’s over and all I’m left with is a bucket load of questions: Is Dr Brenner dead? what was that egg thingy? what is Hooper up to? and why is he the singular person who knows that Eleven is alive? why is Eleven even eleven? why does she like eggos so much?

What do I receive in return? A 50 seconds trailer with 20 seconds of words. Thank you Duffer brothers for the agony.

After reading every fan theory in existence in hopes to figure out Season 2 trailer all I got is that the weird multi-limbed monster is probably the Thesselhydra (according to the D&D gods it’s basically a hydra with eight heads, pincers and acidic saliva. Fun.) and that Eleven and the monster are possibly connected somehow, oh also, incredibly adorable Ghost busters costumes to look forward to.

My only theory: Why is poor Will vomiting slugs? probably a spell backfire (flashback to fetus Ronald Weasley)

It’s basically an amazing show…once you get past Steve’s hair *shudder*

st 2


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