…Happy New Year?

I realize one cannot simply wish someone a happy New year in March, so I’m not going to. Instead I will wish you a euphoric jovial cherry new year. And I totally didn’t look up synonyms for happy in thesaurus.co….being honest was not one of my new resolutions anyway.

So some of you might be wondering about my disappearance, actually I’m certain nobody has, seeing as this is pretty typical behavior on my part, but let’s pretend that I’m punctual, Cursed Child doesn’t exist and oranges with wigs aren’t presidents. Blame it on exams, apparently it’s important to have a good future or something. Let’s just say I wasn’t a damsel in distress, but a damsel under a considerable amount of stress.

Anyway during my hiatus, I’ve made a few discoveries about myself which I am now going to share with you for no apparent reason…enjoy?

Uno) I had developed a temporary fear of cockroaches. Well only the Godzilla sized one who makes an appearance in the bathroom conveniently when I need it the most.However I’ve decided to act like a responsible adult that I am and asked my mom to shoo it away before running to the shelter of my room. The coast is clear now.

Dos) Despite having a biology exam in 10 days, It is perfectly acceptable to re-read Harry Potter and the half blood prince.However it is certainly not okay to read cliché Wattpad books especially those which have ‘bad boy’or ‘alpha’ in the title. Send help.

Tres) Fearing butterflies and moth is perfectly acceptable. No matter what anyone says those sneaky nectar suckers are going to eliminate humankind. Mark my words.

Cuatro) I’m not much of a peoples person, sometimes I’m not even a person but being socially crippled is leading me to think I will never make friends in college and will live alone with 80 cats until I die, at which point they’ll probably feed on me. I have so much to look forward to.

Cinco) I’m a dog person. I make too many cat lady references (as you might have inferred from the above point) and my icon happens to be cats too but don’t let that deceive you. My heat and soul and ears and other body parts belong to canines.

Sies) I’ve also recently discovered (like 3 hours ago) through the vast networks of Google that you can start a sentence with ‘and’ and ‘but’. I am now convinced my entire life is a lie.

That’s all the Spanish numbers I know so tada,that’s it. Show’s over. Go home.


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