*Title under construction*

Well Halloween has come and gone, so Goodbyeween….please don’t report me. Well this Halloween I dressed up as myself (scary. I know) now before mobs arrive with their pitchforks and torches accusing me of lack of Halloween spirit, I am not to be blamed, I live in India where we celebrate Diwali -a glorified excuse to increases the net pollution level but ’tis okay cause pretty lights everywhere.

Not that I would celebrate Halloween anyway, when it becomes socially acceptable to commune with strangers and to divulge candy to the unworthy (annoying kids). the horror.

It’s November now, soon it will be December and then JANUARY (I should write a song, I’m sure Rebecca Black would appreciate it) Honestly, I’m not mentally prepared for 2017 yet, since I’ll have to write all these admission exams for colleges which are basically an intellectual hunger games, but mostly because I still get temporary amnesia and think I’m in 2012.




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