Utterly Un-important Update #2

Yes. I did indeed recycle an old blog title due to lack of functionality of grey cells.


See life used to be good, I used to be able to read books, watch anime, think about studying but never quite finding the motivation to do it but now EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED *cue the angelic vocals of Ed Sheeran and T-Swift*  Now, I read books,watch anime, yada yada…BUT WITH FEAR.

If you read my previous UUU(which I’m certain you didn’t, go read it #shamelessadvertising) then you’d probably know I’m starting college next year…leaving the school I spent 12 years in, possibly shifting across the country to live in a sub-par college filled with cockroaches, mosquitoes and people who have no clue what Harry Potter is. Excuse me while I find myself a corner where I can wallow in self-pity in peace. Oh nevermind, Bridge to Terabithia is on, I’m going to gush over how adorable 15 year old Josh Hutcherson is.


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