Happy birthday dragonsthatlovecheerios a.k.a idiota! (see, this is true friendship, I added an exclamatory mark for you), so you’re officially old now, in no time at all you’ll be dead and fertilizing daffodils….are you questioning why we’re friends yet?

I guess it’s mandatory for me to to say good stuff about you now,but there’s not really any.I mean-you’re pretty dumb,like you got this scholarship which thousands of student go berserk for but I’m sure that was an accident,oh and you also got a 10 cgpa,…that was sheer luck?okay I really hope you’re sarcasm detectors have not been vaporized yet, if they did, what am I’m trying to say is you’re amazing,more than you realize *insert other sappy stuff here*

ANYWAY you’ve been absent to school for a while(I refuse to believe you switched schools) so we’re gonna have a virtual party here.*confetti everywhere**unicorn pooping rainbows materializes*




4 thoughts on “HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH

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