Little bloggie officially turned 1 today…or so worldpress tells me. I didn’t remember my own blog’s birthday, I’m not even feeding it properly-10 posts in 1 year? the poor kid is certainly malnourished. Wait, did I refer to it as an it? I did it again. What kind of a mother am I? *gazes into the distance while a single tear drops. Well I did keep it/he/she/let’s just keep it gender ambiguous alive for an entire year, meh.

Anyways, my sole piece of creation has not yet dissipated into oblivion. Woot woot.PARTY…but I’m not quite sure what people do at those…because I’ve never been invited *gazes into the distance while a single tear drops again. Oh well, free virtual cake for everybody (except you,Bob) it’s quite tasty I assure you, I’ve spent all the money I’ve earned from illegal blog trafficking to make it *little bloggie looks a me with suspicion*


Just kidding…..or was I?

P.S Any complaints regarding inconvenience caused to any  Bob’s should be taken to their respective parents/guardians who didn’t have the foresight to foresee this inconvenience.


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