Utterly Un-important Update

So this girl, NJ dragonsthatlovecheerios but to protect her identity lets call her idiota, wanted me to write a post and bleh bleh bleh *to be read in Dracula’s voice, so ARE YOU HAPPY NOW.

I really wish I have some notable news to share, like I found a cure for cancer (well,I wasn’t really looking) or that I’ve resurrected a dodo bird but all I’ve been doing is walking around like a mentally crippled person, see I’ll be starting college next year, a thought that sends me into a mental frenzy. Pro tip:curl into fetal position and reminisce on those good old womb days. So I do what any lifeform with half an iota of sense would do and suppress all these intense emotions within me instead of talking about it or giving any indication of the turmoil within. Healthy? I know.

In other news, since I need to write a *insert some hyperbolic degree of quantity, for example, truckload* of exams to land in a sufficiently decent college, I have to study…okay, you read the sentence wrong, go back and put more emphasis on study  with 70% desperation and 30% frustration. My feelings towards this can best be explained using David Tennant’s beautiful face


“Who” could this be?

P.S I’m reading this book, So expect (dread) a book review soon, and when I say soon I mean  *insert some hyperbolic degree of time for example, decades*


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