Valentine’s day

grumpy cat

I feel so much better now.

The title says valentines day, so I guess this is going to be a post about net neutrality. T’was valentine’s day on Sunday, I was aware of that, the lateness of this post is due to the following reasons-

  1. I was in hiding, emerging from the bed only for placing salt in the windows and filling bottles of holy water, you never know when a wild couple might show up *shudder*
  2. Much of Tuesday was spent cleansing love and other such pollutants from the air.
  3. Wednesday had the word ‘wed’ as in wedding in it, so I considered it a bad omen.

It’s probably evident by now that I’m not a cheery, running through fields-y, singing to birds-y, valentine-y person. It’s not because I’m single and can’t wait to receive nothing on valentine’s day again or anything, in fact, I aspire to be the crazy cat woman with 24 cats…I just think there was a huge misunderstanding in history, valentine’s day was actually supposed to be valet nine’s day, for all the valets who parked cars for 9 years, it ought to be an international holiday, it’s not right to steal their glory….I tried, screw it, the next time I see cupid, I don’t care if it’s child abuse, I’m gonna punch that punk.


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