Who needs a title anyway?


Well as introductions go, that was pretty sucky but as it is comparatively less sucky-er than all the other hair-pulling, tear-inducing, mind-numbing intros I came up with till now, I shall stick with it. See, my pitifully short holidays(not Phineas and Ferb’s anyway) began a couple of days ago and I realize I’m really good at sleeping in the morning (diurnal snorlax-style), which is very unfortunate for my poor mother since she has the mammoth task of waking me up.

So sleep, eat, read, mock my mother for watching lame, cliche soap operas and yet watch them with her-that is literally my routine and as much as I need to do something productive I lack the willpower to do so. Also, I’m not one of those stellar students who don’t read and still are top of the class (unfortunately) so combine that with my ability to procrastinate and you will get a guaranteed job in KFC…..which is not where I want to be, cause I will never be able to look a baby chick in the eye without thinking I probably slaughtered its entire family.

OXYGEN AND HYDROGEN, NaNoWriMo is around the corner which is exciting even though I never wrote before and probably won’t in the near future, but its seems to be something to get excited about so HURRAH (Nanny McPhee was on today, and due to lack of anything else, I watched it and I kid you not the word hurrah was uttered.) With enough luck many people will get excited about it and it will eventually become a global tradition and schools will be forced to shut down during November….yeah seems unlikely even to me.


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