*insert title

I’m not quite sure what happened.

One second I was loafing around busily figuring out the best ways to waste my time and then BOOM school started, I wrote three sets of exams and eagerly waiting for my next ones (*sarcasm detector activates*) I don’t remember what sleep is and let’s just say if my homework were food, starving children would be a myth.

And then I remembered my poor blog, and so I have come to feed it. Mummy still loves you, lil bloggy.

…..That’s it. This post has no other purpose other that to keep this poor blog from disappearing  into oblivion *insert mental image of girl on broomstick lassoing baby blog from wormhole of nothingness*. This is impossible, my only excuse for not coming up with things to write about is that my creative cells are self-destructing *insert mental image of suicidal cells*

ALRIGHT. This has gotten sufficiently normal-sized so I’m going to go continue ignoring all my obligations. Fare thee well.


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